Digital Painting #1: Ophelia Dancing, 2004

Ophelia Dancing

For a long time I really struggled with getting bodies and faces in movement. I still struggle with it today, but in this painting I was actively working to try and fix it. My character “Ophelia” rose out of a short story that I wrote, and for the better part of a year, I was absolutely obsessed with her. She is the most pictured character in this gallery.

Her story is simple, though it is shared with my character Victoria, from a much more developed and successful novel. In both stories, the young ladies become speakers for the dead against a king who has pridefully done them wrong. The ghosts become their only companion, and eventually their only champion, when their lives are threatened.

July 19, 2004: Photoshop 7 with an Intuous 2, 6×8 tablet, with brushes by Vered

A Closeup:

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