Digital Painting #5: My Reflection, 2005

My Reflection

In high school, I was really, really into Victorian style clothing. I loved looking up old fashion sketches and incorporating new themes into my own dresses, designing elaborate bustles and corsets–all the delights of a wishful goth kid. This image wasn’t designed with the dress in mind though. I had a specific goal: a woman admiring herself in a mirror even though she can’t see herself. I was feeling frustrated with some people around me who seemed abnormally blind to real life. The sketch of the image was completed significantly before the painting was complete, and I think by the time I had completed it, the meaning had entirely changed. I used a particular color theme that I wasn’t used to–trying to branch out and take my colors into better consideration.

March 14, 2005: Photoshop 7 and an Intuous 2 6×8 tablet

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