Digital Painting #9: Ophelia Enthroned

Ophelia Enthroned

This sketch actually dated back much farther than its painting does. I believe I first imagined this concept in 2004 with the other Ophelia paintings, but it took considerable time and rethinking to make this image work. Again, Ophelia is a character from a short story (who also mirrors a character in a novel project) who befriends and eventually is enthroned by the dead. Ophelia’s father, the king Narudas, conquered the neighboring jungle kingdom of Ranja by dishonorable means–he poisoned them with a plague. When he moves his capital to Ranja, strange things start happening, one of them being his daughter’s odd connection to the dead.

September 15, 2006: Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Intuous 2 6×8, Brushes by Vered

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