Digital Painting #10: Persephone


This portrait was the first image I did without an sketch to back it up. I went directly to the tutorials at Furaie by Linda Bergkvist and I started painting. Persephone is a favorite character from a novel that I just revived about an assassination plot. In the novel, she is the “wild one”, who is more than just a little insane, and more than just a little intelligent.

Angel was still and Persephone was in constant, agitated motion, out of reach and on her toes. Her blue eyes jumped from thing to thing, and her hands continually wandered in unfinished gestures. Words tended to pour haphazardly from her mouth, as if she could not control the questions that ripped her heart to shreds. It was Angel’s still, deadly calculations that kept her in check—Persephone, the raving wild ocean—only Angel. None of the others had any control over our mad philosopher. Angel was her stone, her still rock in the center of the raging river, to which Persephone’s detached and anxious philosophy clung without fail.

February 7, 2007: Adobe Photoshop 7, Intuous 2 6×8, Brushes by Vered

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