Digital Painting #12: Sundiata’s Daughter

Sundiata’s Daughter

When I began sketching this, I was really looking at a way to make a statement through clothes. I wanted to use extravagant color schemes and an insane–if not garish–blend of traditional African textiles and old 19th century clothing. On top of it, I included odd and fantastical gold work, reminiscent of the old West African gold empires, where the legend of Sundiata comes from. It was an exercise in costuming more than anything else, but I was rather proud of her feet and hands, which turned out to be a little too small for her other proportions.

December 11, 2007. Photoshop 7 and an Intruos 2 6×8 tablet.

This image was accepted to the 2D Gallery at CGTalk.

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