Digital Painting #13: Rebekkah Before Nkros

Rebekkah Before Nkros

This is my best and most recent painting. It is a portrait of Rebekkah, a character who appeared out of nowhere after I returned from Ghana. She had a short story to accompany her, which I wanted to also turn into a novel, but it never came to fruition. Instead, just like the Swordwife, she is staring at me and demanding that I write her story. This was the last of my images done on my HP desktop, before I upgraded to a Macbook and lost painting capability. She was made using a picture of a small child from Nzuelezo, Ghana. A very helpful paintover by someone on GG Talk also made this image starkly better than my previous ones.

September, 2008: Adobe Photoshop 7.0 with an Intuous 2 6×8 tablet.

This image was accepted to the 2D Gallery on CGTalk.

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