A new bike and a new stovetop… all in 24 hours!

Oh my! Well, on Wednesday I cracked and decided that I was just going to buy a shiny new bike. I’ve never had a shiny new bike before–I mean, not one that I bought for myself. My little red baby is back at home, probably rusting away… ;.; but it was a gift/hand me down–and on top of that, it was the prize of the party when it came to being retro. This cute little bike had no gears and back peddle breaks. But now I have a shiny silver jet… it’s got a basket and a shelf above the back tire. And it even has five gears! Wow! haha–oh and a BELL. 😀

Even better, though, it folds in half, so that when I bring it into my already teeny apartment, it won’t take up oodles of space–only half an oodle. Bikes in Korea tho have these tiny little wheels and peddles that I can’t quite get used to… so everything turns fast and I’m not used to the subtlety of the movement, haha. Also having a bike with gears means that it is heavy on one side… so riding without hands is a lot harder. Sigh–especially since I can’t break with my feet so I have to touch the handlebars. Sad. I feel a lot less cool. On top of that, I’m still used to back peddle breaks… which means that when I’m about to hit someone, I don’t reach for the break right away… I back peddle, nothing happens, and then I panic. Haha. We’ll see how long it is before I hit something. Let’s just hope it’s not someone, because I still can’t say “I’m sorry” in Korean.

On Wednesday I went out to eat with my coworker and we had some seriously delicious food at a Chinese restaurant. There were… YAM CHIPS in my sweet and sour chicken! YAM CHIPS, guys!! I haven’t had a real yam chip since… since Nas made them on the day I left Africa! Holy Buckets of Steaming Fries! It was so exciting.

We also met some fellows from the International Astronautical Convention. Do you know what that means? Space men! I thought it was over, but I was wrong! It’s finishing today, so hopefully they will all be out at the bars tonight and I can chat with them, haha. I mean, cuz really, who doesn’t want to hang out with an astronaut?!

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