Also, a random blast from the part of me that wants to be in Africa

Check this OUT! This white man can speak Twi like CRAZY!  I am so jealous. It inspires me to do all kinds of things… like attempt to practice Korean more. Someday I just hope that someone will have the same reaction I am having when they hear me speak some language.

Actually I went into the kimbab shop that I frequent the other day, and I was quite proud of myself because I ordered my favorite kimbab relatively devoid of hooks–I won’t say accent free, but I thought it was pretty good, haha. And, on top of that, I was able to read the menu and check the price, so I could give her the correct change.

Reading is a big deal here, and I really do love that I can do it. It’s not hard to learn, and it makes life so much easier–and people are proud of you from the get go, haha. It seems weird to me that so few people learn it. I’ll gather some links for anyone that is interested in learning. I did it all online, made tiny little flash cards, and just ran through them when I was waiting for stuff.

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  1. Interesting. I recognized some words – like "because" and "favorite"and "foreign experts" which seem to have carried over. Probably just isn't any Twi for "foreign experts." And then a whole sentence came through in English. And there was the ubiquitous "OK." Plus food like "foo-foo" and "jolof" (he's a jolof master!). Twi also seems to have some French in it… I thought I heard the word for Wednesday, mercredi.

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