Friday is my favorite day!

My kids are good, the weekend is near, and life is just simpler. Energy is abundant, because I don’t have to save it for anything else.

The online tv that I have been watching has too many love stories in it. I like the action and the adventure, but the love stories make me lonely. I mean, that makes sense of course. I should be lonely. I don’t know anyone here very well. I was thinking yesterday about how badly I just wanted to talk to someone. It’s funny because I didn’t really notice how deeply I missed really hard core conversation until Stephanie came down, and we got to do some of that. Now I crave it.

But that’s natural, I think. I mean, you can’t move somewhere and expect to know everyone lickity split. Nor can you expect to having the kind of soul-wrenching discussions that seem to fuel us so well. It’s natural. There’s no reason to be concerned–but it does make me quite impatient. (As if I wasn’t enough already.) And just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

Oddly enough, all I really need to be okay with it is to write it down. Share it a little. Then I feel better. I get it off my chest. I don’t feel so isolated, because at least I know that it’s normal.

Either way, I am REALLY looking forward to National Novel Writing Month this year. I skipped the last two years, but now with my new found time, I am 100% ready to dive back in, crank out some so-so work, and then really force myself back into the writing world. The best part is that there is a good sized Nano community here in Korea, with about 100 participants in Seoul and another 10 or so in Busan. Since I’m smack dab in the middle of those two cities, I can join people for writing parties in both cities! I think that will be a great way to form some good, deep relationships. People always bond better over the absurd things that they do. I mean, moving to Korea is a pretty absurd thing to do–but everyone I’ve met so far has been here for a while. Now moving to Korea and then attempting to write a novel in 1 month, that is 2x absurd, and only a very odd breed of people would even attempt it. So I’m pretty excited. 😀

Anyway, my new goals for October are to get out a little bit more. Setting goals for the month is important, and this October I want to travel a little bit more. September was good–now I’ve been here for a month, and it’s time to start breaking out of the ordinary. There’s stuff to see in this country! And I intend to see it!

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