Hahaha funny Fat-Maggie story and other amusing Korean language mixups

I have this one kid in one of my older glasses who is spherical. I think I’ve talked about him before. But it’s not that he’s spherical–it’s that he ROCKS it. Like he is fat and proud. And I love it. He’s such a jolly kid. He’s got a lot of spunk. He’s hell to try and control in class, but whatever. At least he’s a happy kid. This is also the kid that asks me EVERY DAY if I like Lamborghinis. Every day. “Teacher do you know Lamborghini?” >.< “Yes, I like Lamborghinis. I still like Lamborghinis. I like them just as much as the last class when you asked me 7 times.”

Anyway, on Tuesday this kid asked me: “Teacher are you wedding?” I wanted to reply “What, like having a wedding right now?” but I didn’t. He meant “Are you married?” Then I said. “No.” And he said, “So you don’t have a baby?” (I get asked about being pregnant a lot, I guess maybe because Koreans don’t have stomachs, haha.) Anyway, so I replied “Nope, I’m just fat.” And he gave me this HUGE grin and just started laughing uncontrollably. In a nice way. Like “YEEEAH welcome to the club! We rule!” Haha, when that class is good they make me happy. I see them outside of class, too, which makes me feel like I have a life.

Also, the other day I was teaching “The Christmas Carol” to a class of middle schoolers, and I was trying to get them to tell the story again.

So I said “So… Scrooge (they all called him Scroogie) went back to the past, and what was he doing?”
“He was at a party.”
“And what was he doing at the party?”
“He was doing…. pretty girl dancing with!”
It took all my power not to collapse into laughter. Ahhhh funny mixups.

4 thoughts on “Hahaha funny Fat-Maggie story and other amusing Korean language mixups”

  1. Hey, subject-object order and preposition placement are tough concepts for non-native speakers! Be amused and impressed with them at the same time.

  2. I get asked if I'm pregant a lot here, too, because I like tent-like clothing 😉
    But I also got asked the same thing when I was teaching middle school and even high school in the States…I think some kids are just trying to be as annoying as possible, and others have some kind of fertility obssession that Freud woulc be all over, I'm sure…

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