My kids were so cute yesterday!

Haha, yesterday my last class is like the biggest hoot. I love my last classes. They are quick enough with English that I can really have conversations with them, and hooo boy, yesterday they were SO talkative. We barely got ANYTHING done. I’m sure now that their regular teacher is gonna be mad, lol, but she’s a cool lady so I hope she’ll understand.

The two girls in the back decided that they were married–and then tried to explain to me that they had married their friends (girls), because they were just the best of best of friends. THEN, the one boy in the class, who has a fever of god knows what, and is hopped up on cough medicine, is like “Teeeeachaaaa–you marry?”
“Not yet. I’m too young.”
“How old?”
“23” (Korean age is +1, plus I feel awkward that I’m so young. I really am one of the youngest here.)
“Ooooh… Teachaaa–you marry my Uncle.”
“Nooo! He good man! He handsome!”

Hahaha, no matter where I go, I can’t escape marriage to other people’s relatives. Putain! Then the girls started laughing so hard, and they were like “TEACHAAA! YOU BLUSHING!” I wanted to say, ‘Of course I am! In America a teacher would get sued for such talk!’ haha. But I didn’t. I just rolled my eyes at them and moved on, haha. But they were SO CUTE.

And then they looked at my other classes, and my seating charts, and they said… pointed to the class before and said “You like this class?” “Yes.” “Ahhh… you like this class,” And then pointed to their class. “You LOVE this class!”

And it’s true, haha. Silly middle schoolers. Wtf. You marry my uncle. Lol. I told him not to come to school sick like that again. It’s weird how they are so scared of swine flu, and then send their kids to school with a fever. Like medicine will make it not contagious. If I get swine flu from that kid and then get kicked out of the country, I will be MAD. But maybe his uncle can marry me and I will be safe from swine-flu-deportation, haha.

Anyways I still need to get my medical check… I should ask my boss about that today. Last night I had dinner at a Korean place with the other two teachers from the second location. They are a good couple of guys–a lot of fun. They live right near me and they are open and fun. I clicked with them pretty well, I think. The food was good–ricey stew with tasty spicy kimchi and all the delicious Korean side dishes. I’m in love with those yellow pickled radishes. Or maybe they’re not radishes? I dunno, they’re sweet and sour. I loooove them. Anyway the food was good, it was only 4,000 won–less than 4 bucks. Delicious!

In my free time I’ve been writing a lot. It’s quite nice. I have returned to one of the stories that I worked on a lot in the first couple years of college, and the end of high school. I’ve finally gotten the beginning squared away, and now I’m working on the mid introductory scenes… hard work, but rewarding when you finally get it. And I’m reading a lot of Dune. Woo.

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  1. Korea and Dune. I'm not sure I can wrap my mind around that. I guess Spice plays a big role in both cultures.

    I made Spicy Basil Tofu and brown rice for dinner. I couldn't find Thai chiles, so I guessed at what would come close. They were red, anyway. Very red. Now I have no lips.

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