"Teacher! This book Made in China!"

Proclaimed one of my students yesterday. He was explaining to me that the monster in the story was furry, but the monster in the picture was not. Then he said: “Made in China!” Apparently it is synonymous with “Error, teacher!”

So I’ve been taking Taekwondo. And Ohhhh man does it hurt. I pulled a neck muscle at some point and now I can’t look to one side. My stomach also hurts because of sit ups, and my shoulders hurt because of push ups. I go every day of the week, too, which is a lot more than I went to Kung Fu–ever! In addition, it’s a private class, basically, so I’m never out of focus. Ohhh man. But I am learning a lot of Korean, and I know I am going to have a lot of fun. But right now my whole freakin body hurts. Owwww. 😀

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