Well my Jeju trip was good fun, full of touristy stuff, which at times was good, and at times was quite tedious, but I had a good time. I got some great pictures, which are posted on Facebook. Now, though, is my long winter vacation (long, read, 3 days off plus the 2 day weekend) and I’m mostly just chilling in Daejeon. I went out to meet some friends last night, and I had a really excellent time. Loud, boisterous people–the kind of people that you can tease without feeling like you’re hurting anyone, and well, that’s what I need. I’m starting to feel like I could make myself a niche here in the social realm, and that has been a long time coming, so it’s quite nice.

That said my lazy vacation is going to be great, because I can start finally posting photographs on my website, send home some cards, and do all the stuff that I have been too exhausted to do. Tonight, though, I’m going into Seoul for the huge New Years party, and the “Ringing of the Bells”, which is a Seoul tradition. The big decorated bell, like the kinds you find in Buddhist temples (like this one:)

(In Jeju, at the temple adjoining Sunrise Peak)
Is rung 33 times to chime in the New Year. I’m meeting my friend Maddie, who was on the Ghana semester with me, and lives in Euijeongbu. We’re gonna get African food and then have a blast! I’m super exciiiited!
Happy New Year to you all!!

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