Waiting for the Happiness

That’s the title of a paper craft company here, which published the planner that I’m using now. It’s very Maggie, with adorable little houses everywhere, and a crowded cityscape. It’s also got a misplaced “the”, but I don’t mind that much. The more I think about whether or not the “the” is misplaced, the more I think maybe it isn’t… maybe there is a certain kind of happiness that they are waiting for. I certainly feel that way about Korea. In Korea, I’m waiting for the happiness to set in.

I had a pretty good weekend. Mostly just dancing and hanging out at the local dancing-and-hanging-out establishments, and celebrating a friend’s birthday with some very intriguing characters. I love meeting characters along the road. It’s probably my favorite part of traveling–meeting characters. One guy that I met on Saturday was actually the driver of a submarine. Like really? That’s cool. Apparently on every submarine there is at least one murder. Sounds like an excellent mystery novel! (Which is what I’ve been thinking about constantly because my life has been consumed by watching Castle lately–true love, that show.)

On Sunday I took a day trip up to Seoul to see friends from the states. Got to hang out with Max and Stephanie. It was really fun to see Max in Korea–I mean, we all knew he was Korean in the states, but now it’s funny, because I understand Korea in a lot of different ways, and I hear Korean all the time–and then there’s Max! Speaking Korean in Korea! We wandered around Seoul, saw a temple, and looked around some exhibits that were city in the main city square. One was on the ROK polar expedition, and another was on Seoul design for 2010, or something… both were kind of odd, but maybe I think they would have been more educational if I understood Korean, haha. Then we went to Dunkin Donuts and consumed way too many donuts, and ended up in Lotte Mart on the weekend before Christmas (aaahhh bad idea) in which Max kept trying to stab me with toy swords. (?) Anyway it was really nice to see somebody from home, and especially somebody with all that history of witty banter. I miss the boys from home a lot.

Then I got coffee and dinner with Stephanie. I got a bus home to Daejeon, but I got one to Yuseong, which is a lot closer to my house. In fact, we drove right by my house as we came into Daejeon! I think that’s the way I’m getting to Seoul from now on, man… it’s cheaper and simpler. The KTX is really fast and wonderful and comfy (and there are bathrooms) but, I have to go all the way across the city to get it.

Anyway I’m stressing out a little bit about how to get to Seoul on Thursday, before my Jeju excursion. I bought a KTX ticket already, just to make sure I had a seat, but I could easily just take the bus, so maybe I should just cancel the KTX ticket…? I don’t know how to do that, but it would probably be a better option. It might put me in the city before the subways shut down, so I can find a decent jimjilbang by the airport (the domestic airport, not Incheon), instead of trying to find someplace to stay until 5am when the trains open. Anyway who knows. I’ll have to ask somebody today about how to do it.

That’s what’s been on my mind lately. I’m just chillin here in Korea, and hunkering down for the winter. Waiting for the cold months to crawl by and the warm weather to come back. The more difficult a winter is, the better the spring feels. 😀

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