Wordcount no longer soaring, but I’ve decided to get myself out of this rut!

So here in Korea there are a lot of foreigners with very little time. So some people have made up special tour companies that run really jam packed tours on weekends. So instead of moping around that it’s thanksgiving and I don’t have anywhere to go, I decided to book a trip to a hot spring and mountain in Jeolla-do. At only 90,000 for the whole weekend, I figure I can’t go too wrong. (Though after you factor in the ticket to Seoul, and the overnight stay so that I can be ready at 6am, plus all the things I will likely want to buy, it will be more, but ah well. No problemos.) I’m excited to be doing something touristy, to get my mind out of this work-sleep-tv-work-sleep-write mode. It’s getting colder, and the leaves have mostly fallen off the trees. But it’s still in the 50s. Today it’s raining, but I think tomorrow it is going to be quite sunny, and almost 60. That feels nice, at least.

They also have some Christmas trips that I’m thinking about doing, mostly because I REALLY don’t want to be alone on Christmas. I would feel slightly horrid for not going to church, but I’m sure it would be okay. I mean nobody likes Christmas-and-Easter-only people anyway. There are a couple of skiing trips, which seem fun but not exciting.. and then there’s a trip to Jeju, which is the vacation island of Korea. You have to fly there, and it’s quite expensive… so I’m iffy on it, but I’m not sure if I’ll get to Jeju at another time. I’m not sure. I want to make the most out of my vacation time, and keep myself busy so that I can meet people and see Korea… but Jeju is kind of a summer phenomenon. (Which is a double edged sword… get the cool stuff and be swarmed with (Korean) tourists, or go in the winter and see it differently, but freeze your butt off.) Anyway it’s something I’m considering, despite the exorbitant 450,000 won. We’ll see how this weekend goes, and then I can decide how I like these jampacked adventures.

Anyway, now that I’ve pushed myself into actually booking a reservation, I feel like I can climb myself out of this winter rut. I can do it. I’ve been saying inshallah a lot lately, but I can do it.

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