A very Seoul weekend–again

Spent this weekend in Seoul to with Kristen–basically doing all the things I didn’t do last weekend. We had a great time wondering around Insadong, the artsy fartsy, touristy trinkety area of Seoul. There are a lot of amazing things to buy there–everything from tourist kitsch to real antiques. I was basically in heaven, but held off and didn’t really buy anything substantial.

After having an excellent time just chilling, we went to Kristen’s friend’s show, which was a UNICEF benefit. We supported him and then went out to Hongdae and did the Hongdae party thing. Hongdae is one of the most famous places in Seoul to party. I wasn’t aware, partying in Daejeon, just how many military folks there are around here. All the Western men in the club were military, and they were quite nice, actually. A few guys were teasing their buddy who wasn’t drinking, and I got to talking to this guy, who was pretty nice. The next day, after crashing on Kristen’s friend’s couch, we met up with this guy and headed back to Insadong to check out a book store (omg so many English books–70,000 won later). We went to Gyeongbukgung, the palace in Seoul that Stephanie and I visited back in the fall, and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. It was a good time, just meeting new people and enjoying some sites in Seoul.

This weekend, though, I am definitely not planning on doing Seoul–I don’t know where I’ll go yet, or if I’ll just stay home, but I definitely need to find something interesting to do, because I’m feeling very restless and frustrated. My students haven’t been good to me and I just… haven’t been on the ball with teaching. My temper is short. I’m homesick, and the kids know it. I try to be a better person, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. I keep thinking that I can’t possibly be cut out for this, so I turn to art, or writing, which just comes out bent with my already frustrated mindset.

In other news, I have a Suite101 account, where I will be publishing articles about travel and life in Korea. I’ll put up some links when I have articles out.

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