Trip was mostly a bust because it rained the whole time, but Kristen and I did have some excellent rain adventures on Saturday. Friday was gorgeous, but we spent most of the time in transit–until we rented our bicycles and took off into the setting sun and rice patties galore.

Sunday was cold and wet and things just working out for us, but one thing I really wanted to write down was that I saw an old couple spreading ashes into the sea. We went to the underwater tomb of King Munmu, which wasn’t impressive or spectacular, really, but the ocean was amazing to see. I love the ocean. It was furious. The waves were huge and crashing and rolling and I just love that sound. Wherever I settle in life, there needs to be an ocean–or a lake (hehe, Superior.) An old woman simply dumped a jar of yellow colored ash into the ocean, and then her and her husband took a deep bow. It was serene. Quiet. I was drenched and getting more drenched, but for a moment I forgot about that and watched this couple, all alone, send off their loved one.

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