I have twenty four days left in Korea.

And I have some major goals to achieve.

1. Black Belt Test, September 19
Some of my students will be there, and that’s going to be pretty funny. They’re also testing, because it’s a nation-wide test date, and all the schools with students qualifying with be there. I’m super nervous. I’m really not that good, and I’m going to stand out like a sore thumb, watching people who I probably don’t know.

2. Visit Haeinsa Temple
I wanted to do a full out Temple Stay at Haeinsa, but it looks like that won’t be possible now–especially with my rigorous Taekwondo training schedule. (Training/playing, I must admit.) So I’m visiting the temple this weekend, hopefully getting in on Temple Stay, but otherwise, I’ll just get a cheap hotel, or make it a day trip. We’ll see.

3. Have a few really good Jjimjilbang nights.
My favorite Jjimjilbang has been closed for quite some time, but I’m looking forward to its triumphant return with a new set of saunas. I really hope that includes a new set of massage chairs–but the same set of people, who don’t complain or look at me funny when I use them. I want to go to Daejeon’s popular Rodeo Town spa, which is where doctor fish come around and eat the dead skin off your feet. Hopefully will be encountering that strange phenomenon tomorrow with Kristen.

4. Have a smashing good going away party.
Tentatively planned for Saturday the 25th, so all of you who I know and are on this list should keep it in mind. The plan is to eat at TGI Fridays, so that I can get some serious American food into me before I go to India and eat nothing but vegetarian for quite a while.

I’ll be planning snack and pizza parties for my students, and making them little cards… that process is going to be Chuseok, probably. Then the last week I’ll be training the new teacher. It seems like the year itself has flown by, but each day and each month has been really slow. I’ve got both my suitcases sitting out open right now, so that I can put things in them for donation and potentially mailing home. The donation one is full, but the mailing home is mostly full of winter things. Now that it’s almost two AM, and I’ve spent the whole night playing Civ 4, I feel a weird desire to do this kind of organization.

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