I’m not dead.

I just haven’t had anything to say lately. Life in Korea has been business as usual, and I’m really itching for a change. Lately I’ve been going to Taekwondo in the morning instead of the evening, which gives me a lot more energy. I’ve also been working on my novel, but it’s sticking at the end, and I’m frustrated with it, and with my plans for the future–I’m having a hard time putting things in perspective.

I just desperately want to be the one studying, not the one teaching–at least right now. I whined and moaned a lot about university and the ivory tower and the lack of “real, on the ground” influence one has in university–but I think that’s always a choice. And these days I just feel like I’m getting dumber (and meaner) by the minute.

But I am happy to not have to go to TKD at 9:30 pm.

One thought on “I’m not dead.”

  1. I'm glad you're not dead! That would make me sad. It also makes me sad to say it, but here's the voice of older wisdom: The tension between study and action will never go away again for the rest of your life. Until perhaps retirement. The good news is that there are ways of moving toward balance in that tension, and to find times for learning and thinking and pondering *as well as* doing and earning and making a difference in the actual world. There are wise people who have learned to strike such a balance, and who can help you learn how to do so for yourself. But it's not automatic. It, too, is part of life's little learning curve. You up to it?

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