Images that stick in your head

Last night, a little restless and bored, unable to sit down to read or write, I called up Kristen and we went for beers at the local convenience store. Sitting outside on a summer night, drinking liter bottles of beer outside of a convenience store is something quintessentially Korean, which I have really desired to do since I got here.

However, instead of sitting at the store (which was about to close), we headed up to the park and sat on benches for a little while, drinking our beer, eating ice cream, and discussing life and its charms and drawbacks. Slowly it started to rain, little drops that turned into big ones, few and far between, until we couldn’t really sit out in the open any longer. We moved to sit under the park’s pavilion, a raised table-like structure. Another man was already sitting there, eating cup ramen and watching the world cup on his cell phone.

We finished our beers as the rain got extravagant–huge monsoon style drops that fell so fast and so hard that the only audible thing was the roar of the water. The man next to us tried to start a conversation, but it didn’t work, since English was terribly limited. But we shared a little moment as he showed me that the world cup game was Ghana vrs. Serbia.

Finally we decided to make  a run for it, and got completely drenched in the less-than-100-meter stretch from the park to my apartment. Sneaking around piles of junk so that we could walk under awnings, flip flops soaked and slippery, drenched in summer rain.

Those are the images that stick with you.

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