It’s the little things at work.

On Friday something astounding happened. One of my classes got switched for a really bad class–a class that nobody knew what to do with–so they switched teachers and gave the class to me. The coteacher and my boss were talking about the class, and she said how she was maintaining order–if they lost a certain amount of points, then they would be in trouble. But my boss said “no, you should add points when they do good things” (though this was all happening in Korean, so the only thing I picked out was ‘minus’ and ‘plus’, but I knew what they were talking about.) So then I said “Yeah that’s how I maintain order, just because they don’t understand why I get mad at them.” But my boss chose MY SIDE on a debate about how to teach. MY SIDE! Dear people who think “The Korean is Always Right”. My boss supported MY teaching style instead of my older, more experienced Korean co-teacher.  (Or at least, that’s how I took it. Because I needed a victory that day.)

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  1. Congratulations and kudos on being recognized for your teaching technique! See, you're better at this than you think.

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