Marker Art #20: “You Can Bury It”

#20: You Can Bury It

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You Can Bury It was an exercise in several things: conflicting color schemes, telling a story, geometric styles… I took on a big project when I undertook this image. Still in my transitional sketchbook, I really wanted to draw how I experienced Korea, its culture, and its people. I always had a feeling that there was a kind of deep magic underneath it all, and that occasionally it simply exploded into being. The text in the clouds, and on her body, reads:
“You can bury it under perfect order
But the magic will escape!”

2 thoughts on “Marker Art #20: “You Can Bury It””

  1. I don’t know! I hadn’t thought of that. I was trying my best to keep the colors similarly dissected, and it’s hard to maintain shape when you use a darker marker.

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