My little ones are the reason I come to work.

They are just absolutely adorable. Brand new kids, with innocent little hearts, adorable little faces, and strange behavior.

The new students at my hagwon are ALL my students. We have two foreign teachers here, but my coworker wasn’t given any of the new students. There could be plenty of reasons why, but I think my boss just thought that–on top of everything–they’d want to see a female teacher first. So I have four brand new classes and they are just the cutest things ever.

In my Tuesday-Thursday, I have a little girl (who has changed her name like 4 times) who is madly in love with the boy that sits behind her. She drives me NUTS with her constant pestering of him. When she raises her hand, she also just makes random sing-songy noises that are dual part hysterical and dual part obnoxious. She’s always kind of gnawing with her voice… and when she’s not doing that, she’s up bothering the little boy–trying to steal his stuff.

The other hysterical little boy in this class is probably the ugliest child I’ve EVER seen. He’s not going to stay ugly–but right now, he’s got it baaad. His eye sockets are too big for his eyeballs. So his skin is stretched out over them like he’s some kind of all-natural batman. And he’s got the snotty breath like that awkward kid on Hey Arnold. And he just stands there and STARES. With this “durrrr” look on his face. One time I was grading homework, and my door was open… and then I turned around, and THERE HE WAS, just “durrrrr” staring at me. And then he just said “Maaayyyyygeeee.” And I just about DIED. Soooo funny.

In my other class, on Wednesday and Friday, I have a bunch of kindergartners. They’re tiny little buggers, and they’re so energetic. They make me so happy, even though they also frustrated me, but their hour is probably my favorite hour, because they just giggle at every stupid thing I do. It’s so much easier to entertain them, haha. And they’re all missing teeth, giving me hugs, and doing adorable stuff. If I came back here, I think I would try to land a kindergarten job. They just make me so happy. It’s exhausting, but I feel like it’s worth it with them, because I really CAN see improvement, because they start with NOTHING.

Anyway… that’s my rant about my kids recently. I’ve been working personally on some drawing. I got this idea to actually “draw” a book; to take one of my short stories and put it into pictures. Currently it’s going quite well, but I’m only on the first page, harhar. This weekend I’m staying in town, and I’m hopefully going to find a place where I can do some scanning. Hopefully. I’ll check the PC rooms around this area.

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