New Artwork!

Well, after a long time of chasing down a “boksa” shop, or photocopy shop, I ended up at this small place near Chungnam University, where the employees allowed me to scan my art (in English Photoshop, no less!) for a mere 3,000 won. It was great. So I have a few new images–and some higher quality scans of the old ones.
(Clicking on an image will take you to a full sized one.)

This one is called “You can’t stop this.” I scanned it back in January, but the quality was weak. This is a much better scan, despite the water damage, which is almost invisible.

This one is called “Keep it in Perspective”, and it was actually the last one I did from my old sketchbook. It remained unfinished for a really long time because of the water damage, but then I came back to it, fixed it up, and now I think it’s going to be a prize–as a print, of course, but the original might sell someday, despite the discoloration that I took out of the corner.

I have three more that I’ll share at a later date, and a lot more left to scan as well, but that’s a job for a different weekend, I think.

I’m taking off tomorrow for a long travel trip, bopping around various places that are on my list. I don’t have to work for seven days–which is the longest I’ve gone without working since I got here. I’m a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of free time. In fact, one of my Korean coworkers said to me: “I don’t WANT vacation–I don’t want to deal with my son! He drives me crazy!”

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