Rushing through the red tape–in a different language.

This past week has been consumed with visa questions and stuff related to India. It’s all a little complicated, and not a little bit of it really frustrating.

In the end I know it’ll be worth it, but currently it makes me feel really powerless. At first, the travel agent with whom I booked the ticket had spelled my name wrong. This was causing problems because maybe the Korean government wouldn’t take that as proof that I was leaving the country. (Since my Korean visa is expiring on 9/2. They’re giving me an extension until 10/2, the date of my flight.)

The India visa process is very complicated. That on its own is causing consternation. I went to get passport photos only to discover that the photo shop was missing. That was pretty disappointing. I’d had some nice photos made there. That’s how things are in Korea, though–here one day, gone the next. And I do literally mean, gone the NEXT. Changed into something completely different.

Right now my passport is in the hands of the Korean government. As soon as I get it back, I have to send it to the hands of the Indian government in Seoul. I have to deposit a large sum of money into their account, and then I have to sit on my hands and wait until I get my visa.

In between that time, I have to study for my black belt test, which is rapidly approaching. Today, the sun is out and it’s cool–which is one of the best things to happen to us over here in several months. I’m hoping that the weather keeps this up so I can go to the beach tomorrow. There’s a nice one about two hours away from us, where I can relax, draw, and recoup from the extraordinary “Korea frustration” that I am feeling right now. It’s really hard to give a place any leeway when you’re about to leave. Everything is too difficult to deal with, or makes you furious.

The good news, though, is that I’m laughing a lot more with my kids, and I’m a lot more lenient with them these days. We’re giggling over silly things, having good fun with coloring and other things, and they seem to be enjoying class more often. Next week, I start another baby class, so I get to give some more students English names and introduce them to the first words of their second language. That’s always fun and adorable.

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