Teacher, teacher!

Me: “Yes?”
Libby: “Do you know Ka-duh?”
Me: “What? Cod? Like the fish?”
Yale: “No–Libby, geez. God. God.”
Me: “Yeah, I know God.”
Libby: (acts out Jesus dying on the cross.)
Me: “Oh that’s not God. You mean Jesus.”
Libby: “YEAH. Jesus and Buddha kai-bai-bo (rock, paper scissors.)”
Me: “What??”
Libby: “Yeah. And Jesus is win. So Jesus hit Buddha in head with finger. Like this–and Buddha get black spot on his head.”
Me: (Oh my god is this child making an intelligent religious joke?)
Libby: “They play one more time. Buddha is win. So Jesus is… DIE.” (Arms out on the cross, eyes closed.)
Me: (laughing so hard I can’t breath.)

3 thoughts on “Teacher, teacher!”

  1. This makes so much sense. Jesus wasn't crucified for our sins, he was crucified for losing at rock paper scissors.

    When will your students rewrite the bible please?

  2. "Oh, that's not God – you mean Jesus"??? Ahem. I suppose this is not the time for the complex nuances of Trinitarian theology. You may have to settle for finding a better game – one in which the superhero rises from the dead. And has Avatars.

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