The North Korea-South Korea Situation

Is not as bad as it looks on the news. These images of people burning stuff in the streets is pretty funny, but that is SO not the South Korea that I know. I mean, people certainly aren’t happy about it, but this is Korea, and everything is business as usual unless the sky falls down. So anyone who may or may not be concerned about my safety, you should know that it’s business as usual–and probably always will be.

What ISN’T business as usual, though, is the rather frightening spike in the Korean currency, which for a few days rendered my salary considerably less than it was. But it’s coming back down again, and I have confidence that by the time I need to transfer money home to my account, it will be at least somewhere back to where it used to be.

Also in the news is our New Teacher, who is wonderful to have around and great to talk to. Training another teacher has been really eye opening for me–I’ve come a long away. I’ve become an authoritative person, or so says Emily, haha, and it’s hard for me to imagine how that happened. It puts the struggle of dealing with insensitive kids in perspective. I really feel like I’ve gained so much, after I’ve been able to step back and see where I was when *I* started, and how I’m able to teach another person how to do what I do. Or–I hope. Haha, I’m not sure I did a very good job training, but I guess we can ask Emily that.

Anyway… that’s the news in Maggie. Got a confirmation on the India trip so I’m excitedly looking into the visa process and plane tickets. Woo!

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