Things I want to do in the next five years

+ Go back to Ghana and Volunteer with a community program or orphanage
+ Visit/Volunteer in India
+ Get a TEFL or other equivalent certificate
+ Hold another art show; sell some originals
+ significantly reduce my undergrad debt
+ study Arabic in an Arabic speaking country

Just been popping around the Matador site lately. Also been working on an article about Jeonju for my recruiter’s newsletter. I found out that my new co-teachers were  both recruited from the same agency, but they didn’t contact me. I think it’s kind of weird, since they did put them in touch with each other, and a bunch of other girls that they sent to Daejeon at the same time. I think I’ve kind of fallen off their radar. Then again, I feel like I’ve fallen off of all the radar these days.

I had a stressful week but I had a really nice weekend. I’m sitting right now on the patio of a coffee shop, enjoying the sun, which was exactly what I did yesterday. Today, my new friend Amina and I climbed one of the mountains on the other side of the city. I didn’t get the name of it, but with Google maps, I found a Gemeori mountain in just about the right place, so I think that’s the name of it. It was a really steep hike, full of stairs and constant upward climbing. But it was totally worth it. From the top, we could see all of Daejeon. I could almost find my neighborhood, even though it was on the opposite side of the city.

Daejeon seems so big when you’re traveling across it but it’s actually quite small. You can see the whole city in one 360 view from this mountain… even with the haze, my neighborhood was just barely disappearing on the other side. Daejeon is a flat space surrounded on all sides by mountains. Gyeryeong, the mountain close to me, had disappeared in the haze, but the apartments close to me were just barely visable over the small hill that separates my neighborhood from the ritzier ones along the river. I could see my grocery store and the river where I ride my bike. It was pretty neat.

Anyway I’m going to focus now on readying more photos for my website, and then I’m going to go home and clean my house something fierce.

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