A weekend away

Now, I realize posting to a blog/site that isn’t completely ready may be a silly thing to do. However, just because I’m working on the site doesn’t mean I should stop writing. I’ve used too many excuses in the past to stop writing!

We are now almost two weeks into a government shutdown here in Minnesota. I keep eagerly watching the Daily Show, hoping that Jon Stewart will mention our puny little state, but alas, so far our woes don’t outweigh the jokes on the feds, Casey Anthony, and birds (?).

What’s the big deal about a government shutdown? Well there are two things that affect me directly. My job at the Minnesota History Center is a non-essential service to the state, which means I am out of work. It also means that my volunteer job is closed, because they pay their staff on money from the childcare assistance program here in MN. I’m worrying about money, of course, but more than that–I’m worrying about my sanity. I’m not the type of person who can take ‘indefinite’ vacations–which is why I’m redoing my website now.

But there’s a deeper “deal” about this shutdown that is much more than just my own worries. There’s a huge failure to compromise here, a huge failure not to speak to other people, and a consistent demonstration of a “me, me, me” attitude. This time it’s led, literally, to the shut down of our government. This is dangerous territory to be in. It feels rather apocalyptic, like nobody willing or cares enough to do the work to get us out of it.

This is such an exhausting and demoralizing time to be an American. I returned from Korea on the belief that my country was spectacular, and time and time again the politics, red tape, and “ME” culture beat me down and make me hate it again.

We did hear, happily, yesterday that childcare was ordered to continue again, so the daycare center will reopen next week. I’m very excited about that. I’ve missed the kids a ton. Now, I’m on the run to catch a last minute flight–a flight to visit my dad for a long weekend, and bask in the Virginia sun!

[Photograph is of the Minneapolis Skyline from the Snelling Avenue bridge over Energy Park Drive.]

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