New Calendars of My Work

I recently spent several hours working on two products that I am very proud of: two 2012 calendars with a lot of potential.

“A year in Korea” 2012

This calendar has my best photographs from my Korean year, from temples in spring to heavenly winter seas to summer flowers and autumn palace scenes. Korea has a spectacular display of the seasons, and they come out in these photos.

On Zazzle for 27.00 ; wire binding. Shipping and handling is handled by Zazzle.

Marker Art Calendar #1

This calendar contains 12 of my marker art drawings, from some of the earliest ones to some of the latest ones.

On Zazzle for 27.00 ; wire binding.   

I hope you enjoy these products! I enjoyed making them, and calendars are an excellent way to get lots of good, cheap art without expensive papers or frames. Plus they’re exceptionally useful! ^.~

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