Moving, moving, moving

Well it’s Friday the 16th, which means I am officially unemployed, un-volunteered, and on the road. It’s a good feeling. On Sunday I’ll load up everything I own (or pretty close) and drive it out to Chicago in a very generous friend’s minivan. Right now I’m enjoying a cup of coffee at Ginko on Snelling and Minnehaha. I had lunch with some of my favorite people from Hamline, the folks at the Wesley Center there.

It’s hard for me to imagine that I’m leaving again. I feel like these months have just run past me in a very fast-moving train. I was bobbing my head to the rhythm of the cars on the tracks, enjoying the sounds but not really paying much attention to what was rushing past my face. It’s not a bad feeling but it does feel odd. I had a pair of really amazing jobs while I was here. I had a real opportunity to do some totally amazing work and feel fulfilled in some of the best ways. There were a lot of things I didn’t like–primarily my ugly 2.5 hour commute–but I said goodbye to THAT forever on Thursday, and I don’t feel like it overshadowed this great nine months.

I said goodbye at the East African Women’s Center on Wednesday. Things in there are always delightfully chaotic–children and ladies and lots of jobs to be done. One of our new arrivals got some henna and went to down on my arms and hands. I am so excited about it. It looks really fantastic. I absolutely loved volunteering there, and it really never felt like a job or a task. I just loved being there, taking care of those kids, and getting to know those people. I don’t know AT ALL how I am going to survive without them, but I know that if it just doesn’t work, I can come home and always have a purpose. They were so generous–henna and a few scarves and a lovely card.

I finished my job at the History Center yesterday, and my coworkers put on a great little party with some seriously dangerous cake and some very generous gifts. I finished up all I could on my database and passed it on to the new database-maintainer. I feel kind of lost without my database! It’s probably a good thing that I get away from it before it takes over my soul, though, hah.

Now I’m on the road back to University and student-hood. I haven’t been thinking about it much, but…. well! Now I can’t avoid it. I’m getting packed, I’ve got my things together, and I’m chugging on. Excited for my new community and my new city and my new life.

I also have some fun stuff to post from my trip to Lake Superior with Joanna a couple weeks ago. I will eventually get around to that. I promise.

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