One Month in Minneapolis

I am once more doing the “count down” thing. I’ve got one more month here in Minneapolis before I am off to Chicago. I feel like I have a lot of work to do, but I don’t really. Mostly I am just waiting until I do have a lot of work to do. This one-month-before period is one of the hardest to deal with.

Lately my life has been really consumed by this website. I am really enjoying learning CSS and PHP, and the workings of wordpress–how to manipulate it, and what is above and beyond my skill level. I really do enjoy computer stuff like this, and I’m glad I’ve got the time now to do it. I’ve got some things to take care of here on this site–a few things in the code that I did in a messy way, and thus they are appearing oddly. I’ve got to go on a mission to fix that, and after that I can feel confident in the site. If any of you readers have any suggestions–or things that you notice are broken–please let me know. I’ve got a lot of building to do, and also some further content to write.

The 1968 Exhibit is going really well. We’ve put up the skeleton of the exhibit, and the content is coming together. On Friday we received the very last images for the Timeline–finally completing what is, I’d like to say, my biggest contribution to the exhibit. With of course curatorial review, it was my job to find and pick all the images for our 120-entry timeline. I’m pretty excited about it.

Things at the women’s center have been going well too. It’s Ramadan now, and we’re off on vacation for a week for Eid. There’s good news and important visitors, and we may be on CNN on Sunday, which is really phenomenal. A lot of our kids are getting ready to go to kindergarten, which I know will be a real test for them, but I’m proud of them for coming as far as they have. Our littlest baby is growing up big, and looks more and more like her mother every day.

Today I’ve got the use of the car, so I’ve got lots of things to accomplish. Trying to get new glasses is one of them. And maybe getting some of my goodwill stuff out of the garage before our garage roof falls down on it (?) would be a good thing. They’re doing some kind of construction on our garage roofs, and ours is sinking and decomposing on one side. So it’s my hope that the construction is here to fix that, rather than has caused that. I’m not sure I can really believe the latter–more and more these days I feel like I’ve fallen into the neighborhood and income bracket of “doesn’t matter”. Whether or not that’s true, it’s still really astounding how quickly the poor become invisible. (Except, of course, to the cops.)

[Just for kicks, the photo used here is my bus stop, part of a collection I’m currently assembling on Minneapolis and Hopkins.]

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