Photography Collection: “Suburban”

Over the summer, as I was riding my bicycle around my small suburb of Minneapolis, I began to wonder if other people imagined my ‘suburban lifestyle’ as looking like this. Wide open spaces, lots of weird back-yard spaces in malls and grocery stores, lots of things that looked unfinished and dull. So I took my camera around and took photos of the things that characterize Hopkins, especially to remark that the burbs aren’t exactly what everybody believes about them.


3 thoughts on “Photography Collection: “Suburban””

  1. I didn’t know you were staying in Hopkins! I LIVE THERE! And I’ve been to that gas station like a hundred times!
    It’s only 9 miles from Downtown Minneapolis but it seems like it’s out in the boonies!

    1. I was staying in Hopkins for a while, yeah. It does sometimes fell like being in the boonies. 😀 I wanted to connect cuz I knew you lived there too, but I was always working in the city!!

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