Want to make a change? Occupy the Classroom.

This article was shared my an old friend from my CIEE Ghana program, and this guy (as I mentioned) is my hero!!

“The single step that would do the most to reduce inequality has nothing to do with finance at all. It’s an expansion of early childhood education.”

I miss the East African Women’s Center a lot today; in light of this article and also in light of the prevalence of heady philosophy in my current classes. And the question that continuously arises: “Is this REALLY more important than teaching a four year old refugee how to read a book?”

Obviously the answer is no. In the short term. But I’m still trying to seek out the long term. I’m trying to put dichotomies behind me, and see the long term… and be less impatient. But the question keeps hanging there, with horrific persistence.

I started reading one of the books that I bought at the Great Chicago Booksake (a dangerous thing, let me tell you–12 books later, 30 dollars poorer–yeah, run that one through your head) called “A Place on the Corner” which is a sociological field book about a group of people who hang around on the corner of a liquor store/bar on the South Side of Chicago. When one of the men there discovers that the author is a University of Chicago graduate student, he congratulates him, but warns him–some people out there aren’t right. They’re just craniums. And then he says “Don’t you become no cranium.”

I’m trying, boss. I’m trying.

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