A week of firsts!

This has been an exciting week! I delivered my first sermon to a congregation, wrote the news article for the church newsletter, and acted as Thurifer for the first time! (And I didn’t set anything on fire during any of those activities.)

For the church news letter,

I wrote about working at the Shoesmith Elementary School’s kindergarten classroom. You can read it here:


Shoesmith Elementary is an interesting place, for those of you who aren’t from this area. It is attended by mostly lower-middle class and the working poor, with I think, the occasional student’s family thrown in. However, it’s also right in the middle of a very wealthy neighborhood. Obama’s house is just down the street. It is right on the border between Hyde Park and Kenwood.

The church has a relationship with the school through the Friends of Shoesmith organization, where some of the church partitioners have come together to do what they can for the neighborhood school next door. It’s a really fascinating relationship to me, because of all my disperate work in schools and religious organizations. I am really intrigued to see how that work can be come un-disperate, and how these two parts of my life can actually work together. Shoesmith has been a lot of fun for that reason.

My first sermon for a congregation

(not for a class), was given at Project Renewal, an annual Christmas service that SPR gives to for a group of disabled people from the neighborhood.

Project Renewal is a large organization that brings a group of wheelchair bound, elderly, and mentally disabled individuals to different churches for special services, bible study, and a meal. SPR traditionally does their Christmas service, in November, because the harsh weather makes it very difficult to go out during December.

I had the very exciting opportunity to preach on Christmas for this group of people. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. Preaching is fun! I like to compose–but I also feel good when I deliver a good sermon, when I feel as though people are listening to something that makes them feel good or joyful through my mouth. That’s pretty neat.

I got some “Amen!”s. I was pretty pleased by that. I will post the text of the sermon later, once I get around to posting the text of my second sermon from Preaching class.

Artwork on the horizon…

I’m planning to make calendars for 2013, just like I did for 2012. Keep your eyes and ears open, as I will be posting them in time to buy them for other people as Christmas gifts! ^.~

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