20 things I did in 2012

Let’s take a look at all the ridiculous and awesome things that I accomplished this year. It may be a bit of narcissism but hey… I took on a lot, and came out swinging.

  1. I learned how to make fudge! In the microwave! Doable even for ME!
  2. One of my bones was on the outside of my body this year. It got put back in. I didn’t really accomplish either of those things, as someone else put it on the outside of my body, and someone else (a doctor) also put it back in. But a bone of mine has indeed seen the light of day. (Other than my teeth.)
  3. I successfully completed my first academic year at the University of Chicago!
  4. I completed a 1/4 term of service for Americorps this year through Jumpstart!
  5. I rode on a motorcycle! (An accomplishment for me only because I didn’t fall off said motorcycle; someone else was driving.)
  6. I learned how to read ancient Greek, and took a course on the Gospel of Luke in its original language!
  7. I spent an amazing summer in Chicago: Lake Michigan, rooftop patios, beaches, courtyards with fountains, drawing and a lot of Netflix.
  8. I taught children’s formation at church for the first time. And learned that it’s nothing like teaching school.
  9. I got hit by a bus.
  10. I taught–or at least helped teach–on the South Side of Chicago, met some fantastic kids, some kids I wanted to strangle–but also kind of loved.
  11. I preached a sermon! In a church! (And in a class, a few times.)
  12. I saw a lot of famous people give speeches at my house. Including Rachel Maddow, Mitt Romney, a bunch of ambassadors to important places, and David Axelrod. (Who I got to talk to. And who let us take a picture with him.)
  13. I successfully (two grades still pending) completed a term at U of C with four classes and two jobs. I also learned that I never want to do that ever, ever again.
  14. For the first time, my ‘permanent residence’ was the place that I actually lived, instead of a parent.
  15. I voted!
  16. I visited my Ma for Mother’s Day!
  17. I asked a presidential candidate a question. (And hated the answer.)
  18. I learned how to do online dating!
  19. I visited someone in the hospital.
  20. I rode my bike to Aldi at 67th and Cottage almost solely for the purpose of buying freezer pops.

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