Don’t look at this if you don’t like blood!

On Saturday, I got hit by a bus! Yeah, that’s right. I got hit. By a bus. For reals.

The bus looked like this:


I looked like this:


Actually that’s not true. The bus didn’t look like that; that’s a photo from the transformers set. (Notice it’s an MTA bus, not a CTA bus. Carefully doctored. Same colors and logo.) But, my foot did look like that. That white bit there is bone. I rocked an open fracture. Except when they touched it. Then I did not rock the open fracture. Then I kinda yelled and squealed like.. well like a school girl with a bone hangin’ out of her foot.

I’m really lucky that it wasn’t worse. I was hit head on by a bus, which managed to stop I guess right after it knocked me over on my bicycle. I was in a crosswalk with a white walk sign–one of the times I didn’t think I would be in danger of getting hit by a double-bus, but I guess all times are accident-possible times. I was on my way just to sit at the lake and get over a little bit of a cranky mood that I was feeling. As it turns out, I got a great big shot of adrenaline instead, and that turned my cranky mood into.. at first an extremely articulate mood and then an extremely freaked out teary mood. I started really crying when I realized people in their cars and people all around were watching me. And when this really sweet undergrad student started talking to me all sweetly and nicely. Then I realized I was probably in trouble and I got overwhelmed.

I didn’t get hit that bad. I think what happened was that my foot made contact with the bike rack, causing me to fall over. I hit the pavement, but didn’t go very far–the bus didn’t run over me or anything. He was already stopping as quickly as he could 1) because he had a red light and should have, and 2) because he had seen me come out in front of him, just not quickly enough and 3) because he was making a right turn. My bike needs, according to the repair guy, about $60 of repairs, but it IS fixable. That is great news, since it’s a 25 year old bike and I’m in love with it. I got fixed for significantly more than that (no bill yet, we’re not done with this so far). I may need surgery to ensure that the toe heals properly and doesn’t hurt me forever. The ortho attending said that I may need a pin or two. Usually I guess there’s not a lot they can do for toes, but they were concerned, since it was a very bad fracture. Miraculously, though, it was only that toe and not any others, or the rest of the foot. I walked away from the bus and sat on the side of the street. (After shouting “REALLY?!” at no one in particular. And announcing that I was fine to a slew of witnesses.)

Right now I’m developing a set of pretty nasty bruises. One on my left calf, another on the other foot, presumably from hitting the ground. I was scrapped up a little bit on that side, but nothing major. Not road burn or anything. All in all, this is more of a ‘Thanks be to God’ moment–or I’m trying to make it one–as I get excessively frustrated at feeling helpless on crutches. Now I just have to figure out how to get myself around in the next few months. I’m getting buff. Arm strength is a huge requirement of crutches, and I have NONE. So I will acquire it soon. I’ll finish this out looking like THIS:


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  1. Not nearly as bad or as bloody as I feared – if you hadn’t said that was the bone, I wouldn’t have known it. Plus you have awesome painted nails!!!! Over and over I’m saying the same thing. But I will say it again. I am grateful you are alive and were not injured more severely, my love.

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