I’m sorry, what? The year is over?

I can’t believe it’s done! This last month, especially, has been overly emotional and crazy–yet it’s just one more reason why I love the I-House. Let’s see…

1. The eightieth anniversary of the I-House took place over this past alumni weekend (May 31-June 1). It was a really tremendous affair. People came from all over the place. We had a tea on Saturday afternoon that was for all these couples that had met and married at the house. They all had similar stories… “I used to visit the dining hall, to get lunch, and then I lent this woman a newspaper…” or, “I was sitting in the courtyard and this young man sat down next to me.” It’s delightfully old world in some ways, to hear these stories, but it’s also really kind of magical because it’s my house, and with all this fantastic history and community that I’m a part of and I get to help build. Oh, and I found a picture of my boss in the year book from when she was a resident. Bwahahaha.

2. Saying goodbye to everyone was hard. I’ve done it before, you know–it’s not a new concept. But this time I’m the one staying, and they’re all leaving on to new things. I think maybe it was hard to get left behind, instead of being the one who leaves. My amazing Egyptian friends, who were here on a year long scholarship, left a few days ago. They got stuck in Chicago for some kind of crazy visa problem… but they might be on their way by now. I don’t know. I keep telling them that they saved my butt time and time again, when I was really depressed or angry with the way things were going in my studies, or at my school. They laughed it off, but I was pretty serious. These lovely ladies brought a joy and dedication and sincerity with them wherever they went and I’m going to miss them terribly. There were some pretty epic tears when that airport van pulled away, let me tell you.

3. I turned 25. Which I’ve heard is a great year. And the aforementioned amazing Egyptians bought me a cake and sang to me in Arabic, which just was awesome. Little paparazzi Miriam took a video and it’s on facebook.

4. I did actually finish my quarter. It was kind of low key… I turned in my theology final, I wrote my paper for the gospel of Luke… neither of which I was terribly proud of, persay, but I mean I don’t think they were absolute crap either. I’m looking forward to my book list this summer and my sketchbook, and all my processing that I will get to do. I have some epic, epic books. They are going to get the crap read out of them. Yeah.

5. Oh yeah, True Blood is back on. I haven’t watched it yet, but I will… oh, I will. And I will feel guilty because it is such a terrible, miserable, absurd and perhaps even dumb show. But I love it. And I might feel guilty but I definitely won’t apologize for it. Hah.

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