Marker Art #41: Poster for Divinity School Coffee Shop

#41: Divinity School Coffee Shop Poster

This poster was a commissioned piece by Greening the Div School, a group on the U of C Div School campus that is trying to push greener efforts by the administration and students. They asked me to draw a poster which explained the Divinity School Coffee Shop’s green efforts, particularly from their supplier, distributor, and the local emphasis. I totally stand by the fact that the Div School Coffee Shop is the best place to get lunch on Campus, and the coffee is pretty dern good too. I tested out a new use of white space in this image, which you will see mirrored in #42, but the main effort is to get the eye drawn to the central text. I’d say it worked pretty well. I’m going to play with this idea quite frequently, now.

You can see the original displayed at the Div School Coffee Shop in Swift Hall!

Greening the Div SchoolDiv School Coffee Shop

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