Procrastination might as well be productive.

I am due for a journal entry. I’m also super due for a new artwork–and I have one waiting in my sketchbook but I haven’t scanned it yet. I’ll probably get to that after school is out. Right now I have a lot on my mind–Tillich final, Gospel of Luke (I’m writing about feminism! Or something like that… not sure yet, which is great because I have oh, all of two weeks.)

Summer has kind of exploded onto the scene here. It happened a few months ago, but then got very cold again. But no, now it’s here–some 95 degrees, 33ish in celcius, and we’re just rocking out with the humidity. I’m hanging around in the Regenstein Library right now, and I am SUPPOSED to be working on my fourth essay for my Tillich class (which is actually called Introduction to Theology, but since we ONLY study Tillich, I just call it “My Date with Paul Tillich”.) I’m dragging my feet. My stomach is upset. My hands are shaking. I haven’t drank enough water recently, and I’m facing the door, which means I get UBER distracted when anyone walks through. I think I do this to myself on purpose. As a form of punishment, you know. Dear Self, attention, FURY. Don’t do your finals.

Let’s see. What do I have opinions on right now?

1. Glee has gotten more obnoxious than it is fun now, therefore making it no longer worth it. I heard the season finale was really anti-feminist, but I haven’t seen it. I saw the pen-ultimate (that’s a new word I learned from my GRADUATE EDUCATION) episode and I disliked it because it was all about how Tina should stop whining about how Rachel gets all of the attention, and thus rewards Rachel for being a total self-involved bitch. Behavior like that is never acceptable, Glee. Everyone should be a team player. Even if you are a self-involved star, you should not get that behavior reinforced by everyone suddenly realizing “oh, its hard to be you.” You should get slapped by people who finally find their voice, and that should be acceptable. Nobody should ‘have’ to sit around in the background just because one person is pushier. That’s actually called being rude.

2. Studying one theologian, and one theological text, for that matter, as an introduction to theology is not an appropriate way to introduce theology in the 21st century, especially with that generation, that is a fundamentally pluralistic generation. Tillich might be great (and at times, he definitely is) but that’s not introduction to theology, that’s introduction to Tillich, and we’re not really even discussing the over-arching questions or motivations that he has for writing his work. We’re not really discussing why “systematic theology” is different from whatever else kind of theologies there are. My delightful and wonderful friend Joanna was kind of floored that I don’t know what Augustine thinks, or what Aquinas thinks. I feel like the dud of the theological circle, guys. Not cool.

3. Oh, I drew a poster for an amazing International House rendition of Twelve Angry Men (as Twelve Angry Jurors), and it got made onto a T-Shirt, and everybody loved it, and everybody loved the play too. I’m really proud of my amazing friends for putting on such a phenomenal and unique rendition of the show. And that there are now so many I-House people wearing my art across their chests. (The guy on the chair there is absolutely not the director and I don’t know where the director is in this picture, but it’s the best shot of all the shirts that I have right now.)

4. Other things that I’m opinionated about: Cultural sensitivity extends even to thinks that make you uncomfortable.

5. Children shouldn’t be given beans to take home where there is likely one or two small babies in the home.

6. Post it notes distract children.

7. Woodlawn is an awesome neighborhood.

8. I don’t want to have to get an Illinois drivers license, and I have no idea when I’m going to go do it. But I even LESS want to have to take another driving test. THUS, I am going to have to get this done this week… sigh.

9. I need to get a library card and then spend all of the summer checking out trashy books and National Geographic documentaries at the Bessie Coleman library.


10. The 61st Street Farmer’s market is WAY too expensive.

And… now… I’m going to go work on this paper because I have no more excuses. But lots more opinions. I’m feeling snarky. Snarksnarksnark.

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