Thanksgiving! Trains, trains, trains!

I once again splurged this season to return home via Amtrak, the US’s official passenger train service. It is just totally superb. I don’t know why anyone travels any other way.

I needed to write a paper this break. So I went to the Cafe Car and got myself a cup of coffee. (Amtrak coffee could use a LOT of improvement. But if you dump creamer and sugar into it, it’s not too bad.) Then I spread out at one of the cafe tables and wrote my paper.

This was all the workspace that I had on the train. I had an eight hour travel time. It was a little bit late–by about half an hour. But, it was alright because I had spent the first six or so hours of the ride spread out here, working on an “exegesis of a worship service.”

Here we are coming out of a tunnel. The cafe car has windows at the top so you can look at all the beautiful sites across the country. This train goes from Chicago to Seattle and Portland.

Going through cities on the train, you tend to see the back end of buildings. Buildings that are designed to face the rails are either industrial or more than 100 years old. The back of this one is in Milwaukee.

We entered Chicago when it was starting to be dusk. There, too, we saw the back end of most of the buildings. I love ground transportation–going through things slowly, just looking. You don’t see these kinds of things even when you drive. The rails have access to places that the roads don’t. And you have the added benefit of not having to pay any attention to driving.

We came into Chicago just as the sun was setting, and the lights in the loop were beginning to turn on. The city sort of absorbs you. But it is welcoming, oddly.

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