Things I think when I should be Thinking

1. A lot of these old thinkers from the traditional academic tradition like to make a distinction between things that are lowercase and things that are Uppercase. The uppercase version is usually imbeued with some kind of general “proper noun-iness” which makes it more legitimate and somewhat more important. I like to make facebook statuses when writing my papers because I think of Ideas that need to be Shared with the Cyber Public. Instead of constantly doing that, then, I decided I would just keep a running list here in my blog for you to see what kind of absurd things come into my head when I’m supposed to be Thinking about Theology.

2. I’m pretty sure Babylon 5 is the reason I care about any of this theological stuff. Epic moral battle, ‘child races’ coming of age (ie, the humans), true love at it’s core–a strong female lead with the keys to the knowledge of the ancients!

3. Tillich is really obviously an expat. His theology has got “I’ve lived in a foreign country and now I don’t know what I really am” written all over it.

4. I love the music that I listened to when I lived in Ghana. It reminds me of being on a bus before the next-biggest storm of the rainy season, watching pure-water girls race for cover, and short green plants go by the red-dirt road. Man, I miss that red dirt.

5. I would really love to be walking down University Avenue right now. Saint Paul. Get on my bike. Go to target. Talk to folks that are just wandering around.

6. I also miss working on Serpent of Souls. The Gladiator soundtrack just came on and now I got this flash back of my own little movies in my head of those characters. Rahkel is riding a horse down the streets of Diamond, people cheering and tossing flowers at his feet while his father fumes on the throne. And the disease hangs up in the background, and they are all terrified of what they saw in the mountains–whole towns dead for no reason–people who just laid down to sleep and didn’t get up–and all the children as if they had ruled like kings before they, too, had died. And Abigael Mazern Damien, with her purple eyes and too-young face, practicing her dance-magic. Oh man. I used to love writing high-fantasy.

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