Updates on the toe!

So I’m doing a lot, lot better on my feet now. I only had to stay on crutches for about five days, and then I was able to walk with one crutch; then with none. I got the official doctor’s order yesterday to take off the Boot, so now I look like a normal person.

I’ve been spending a lot of time at the lake lately. Today it was especially calm, but reassuring and confident. Not like when it is calm like glass on a cloudy or hazy day. On those days I think it’s about to explode, or that it might just swallow you and take you to another world. No, it wasn’t like that today. It was calm and confident, just pleasant.

On Saturday I was feeling kind of low, so I put on my voodoo pants and went and sat at the lake. I got back on my bike, and it felt great. I felt like a real human being again.

I did basically the same thing all day today too. Notice I’m barefoot! Finally no bandages or boot or anything else obstructing my toe! It looks a little gross, but at least it’s happy. Or mostly. I guess, maybe that phrase should actually be “at least *I’m* happy.” I don’t think the toe is really happy yet.

And the final update is this one:

Now I own a helmet and can avoid the whole tempting fate thing!



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