A New Quarter, ready to go…

I am excited to start my first academic quarter of 2013, and my second quarter of my second year… I’m right there in the middle now!

I totally rearranged my room. It is super great and now I have the biggest desk ever. I’m in love with it.

This quarter at SPR, my church internship, I’ll be focusing on children, teaching, and children’s spirituality. I’ll have the fantastic opportunity to interview people in the church about children’s spirituality and children’s relationship to the divine.

I also had the awesome chance to draw the poster for the Wednesday Worship at the Divinity School chapel, which everyone should see posted around campus soon!

As far as courses go, I’ll be taking History of Theological Ethics, Pastoral Care, and the regular Practicum course that goes along with our internship. Theological Ethics is going to be a lot of fun, I think. It is a huge survey of where religions come from, how they interpret the major questions of morality, and how they criticize and implement them in practice… and best of all, we’re reading across traditions. The professor is doing Christian theology, because it is a Christian course, but he has picked a lot of other influences that matter to Christian theologians from across traditions in such a way that it will really be beneficial. We’re reading everybody from Seneca to de Pisan to al-Ghazzali. Sadly, it’s really a huge amount of reading and I know I’ll never get it all done. But I’ve picked the syllabus very carefully and I already know where my reading-priorities will lie. So I’ll focus on those and then dabble in the others for necessity’s sake. I am really looking forward to reading de Pisan’s book: Treasure of the City of Ladies. I have no clue what it will be like, but it is definitely the first time we have had a text written BY A WOMAN assigned as a primary text in a non-Mdiv course.

I haven’t had Pastoral Care yet, but the book list looks exciting. A whole book on Christian Sexual Ethics, which is something most people avoid pleasantly to lower the potential for conflict or embarrassment, the human lifecycle and counseling, wholeness, the use of the self… Hopefully they will all come together in the perfect way. MDiv courses tend to do that.

Lately I’ve also been considering applying another theme to this site, because I am feeling anxious about the solidness of this one. I know I only made this theme in July, but… well, I like to change things. And I’ve found a nice one that I like that will need much less maintenance. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

Oh, also, I posted a few new prints for sale.

054 - flowersinmyhair - w800

056 - be as you are - w800Flowers In My Hair (54) and Be as you Are (56) are now prints and cards available on Fine Art America.

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