A new year begins!

Here begins my third year of Divinity School!

I’d say I’m starting out the year in much better shape than I did last year. I’ve got full mobility; ie; not on crutches after getting hit by a bus. I’ve only got ONE job (instead of three), the primary goal of which is to hang around and teach some kindergarteners, AND I’ve got total choice on which classes I want to take.

Luckily, I chose to take Hebrew, so I won’t be in good shape for much longer. 🙂 You know, because what would I do with enough time to breathe?

This year is going to be a good year, I can already tell. Fall is in the air, and there’s a lot of excitement on campus as new students are welcomed. I like living on a campus for that reason–I gripe about the “babies” and the “college mentality” a lot, but the reality is that these new seedlings bring a feeling of raw potentiality to the neighborhood each September. New Adult Geniuses, and the people that make them feel capable of conquering the world. That attitude seeps out to us graduate students, depending on how absorbent we are. New graduate students are similar, but not the same–there’s a more measured excitement, and it has a bit more of a mature quality to it–an opportunity to really form a good relationship rather than just flinging caution to the wind.

I like this time of year. I feel ready for school and have plenty of time to prepare for it. I make up my calendars, and re-arrange my desk. I mopped my floors last night, and I cleaned the kitchen (sort of)…all these sorts of “fall cleaning” type things that help me to get ready for another year of hardcore learning. I get free reign this year of which classes I want to take, and that’s probably the most exciting. I can do whatever I want. And that is pretty great.

And, since I’ve promised myself that I will be returning to the GYM this quarter, I need to pack up my bag!

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