Art and Artists I like!

So, I have a DeviantART account from… god, it must be from high school. I like DeviantART because it’s simple and it’s huge. It’s so full of young and old artists, and it’s a practically ancient artist’s networking site. It was there way before facebook and myspace and CafePress and Imagekind and Fine Art America and Zazzle… all that shabang. I browse it every once and a while and I’m always impressed at the amazing talent that I find.

I wanted to post/feature ten images recently that I really, really like. I asked permission from every one of them, of course.

Prague Roofs by xpbc


Ride to Spooky Hall by IllusiveBlue


Magnificent Mile by Delobbo; I love Chicago photography, and I always get excited when I find a really good one. This is pretty spectacular.


Rapunzel by LadyAdler

The very talented artist, LadyAdler, posted this to the Art Nouveau group that I hover on. She has a series of fairytale princesses drawn up in this style. I totally love it because it reminds me of Mucha.

The Wild Hunt by Yoann-Lossel

I am always really surprised by artists who can do work this full of light, contrast, and intensity with paint and other non-digital materials. It looks like it’s glowing, so it must look like it’s on a monitor… but it’s NOT; this is oil. Spectacular.

A work in progress sculpture, “Sylphe” by Coliandre

I love this piece by Coliandre. It’s note done yet, but it’s still really spectacular and interesting. More of his sculptures are here on his site.

Baby Angel by annakoutsidou

What can I say? This is just really the most adorable thing EVER, and it is what I will leave you with.

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