Ethiopian Restaurants in Chicago!

My love of Ethiopian food was always confined to Minneapolis-Saint Paul. It was kind of a way of remembering where I am from. Ethiopian food and Ethiopian restaurants were reserved for home–and on those weekends when I’d rush back into the cities by train, megabus, or occasionally plane, I’d make sure that I dragged my mom or brother or someone to Fasika or Blue Nile.

But I finally got up the courage to get Ethiopian food in Chicago! And let me tell you, friends, once you start you can’t stop.

At the far end of the Red Line, up by Bryn Mar and on Broadway, there is like, a whole line of Ethiopian restaurants right next to each other. Last night, I tried Abyssinia. It was really good. They had good food, a good bottled beer selection, and the atmosphere was very chilled out. Just like an Ethiopian restaurant usually is.

I thought the injera was just a little stranger than usual, and the bottom layer injera that goes on the plate before the stews was stale, as if it’d been sitting out for a while. It got all crumbly and so we couldn’t use it to finish off the plate. However, the stews and different food options were a delicious perfection. I wish there was a little bit more options for combined meat and vegetable dish platters, because there are so many different things that I want when I get Ethiopian food–it’s impossible to decide, and I didn’t want to forgo all the delicious vegetables in order to get the chicken-with-egg thing that I love so much. (I think it’s called Doro Wat.)

Either way… Here begins an excellent adventure. Trying all the Ethiopian restaurants in Chicago. Hah.

2 thoughts on “Ethiopian Restaurants in Chicago!”

  1. No one can say your not adventurous. PopPop used to say (when he was much younger) that you should never have the same thing twice when go out. “Eating should be an adventurre.”

    1. Hah. I just brought two things together in my head that were never together before. PopPop and Ethiopian food. That sounds like a recipe for chaos.

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