Gang life to having your own urban agriculture business…

This WBEZ Article is about Darius Jones, who grew up in West Garfield Park. He got out of the cycle of gang violence and drug pushing by participating in gardening and agriculture programs. This article is a goldmine of interesting organizations, programs, and ideas that helped Darius Jones become someone he wanted to be. There are some interesting things to note about this article:

1. A new life for Jones took several cycles of success. People don’t just jump off the streets over night, and they don’t get committed to major projects over night.

2. He spent 15 months in maximum security prison before pleading guilty to something for which the sentence was 4 months at a vocational work site. WHAT?!

3. The USDA is investing in individuals who want to make urban gardening a reality, and there appears to be real opportunity for just about anyone to start thinking about how we can re-imagine food production in the city.


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