Marker Art #62 – Pour Out My Spirit


062 - dreamdreams - w1000

Over the creation of this image, I posted many “half-way-thru” images. But I couldn’t think of a good quote. I couldn’t and couldn’t and couldn’t for the longest time. Then, I found one hiding in the pages of Heidi Neumark’s book “Breathing Space.” Since I loved the book so much, this is both an ode to the book, and an ode to her kind of Ministry–God’s spirit poured out on all people, sons and daughters prophesy, young with visions, old with dreams, all for the new ways of the world in hope and resurrection. You can tell we are in Easter Season right now, hah. All of my stuff is full of new life.

Here are some of the in progress images I posted.

2013-02-16 23.46.15 2013-02-19 00.05.18

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