Marker Art #64: Cover for 2013 Sketchbook

064 - cover2013 - w800

A million years ago, I bought a great big 11×14 sketchbook. I rarely use it (I focus mostly on my 7×10, since it’s travel size), but I drew a cover page for it when I first got it. I finally took it to the scanner yesterday (along with 3 others which you will see soon) and here it is!

The original size is much bigger than many of my others, so things appear significantly more delicate. I used some different techniques on her face, and the new sharpie neon blue, which is my new favorite thing. Finally, a light blue from Sharpie! Now, if only I could buy it separately, I would buy like 7 of them.

2 thoughts on “Marker Art #64: Cover for 2013 Sketchbook”

  1. Beautiful work. the use of vibrant colors and the depiction of your thoughts is brilliant. A sense of magic is contained in each of your artwork. I would be delighted to see more of it. And thanks to your mom Paula.. It was through her blog that I got to knew of your blog. Thank you.

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